Domain & Hosting I own a domain elsewhere - how do I set it up with eCanuks?

I own a domain elsewhere - how do I set it up with eCanuks?

This is done simply by adding the domain as an external domain in your account. This leaves the domain where you registered it, but conveniently allows you to manage it within your website builder account in the same place as you may be managing your websites and other domain names. Once your domain has been added, you'll be provided with a pair of name servers (DNS) that will need to be set in the domain management area of the company you've registered the domain with.
Ecanusk will share their NameServers and client that will come up with existing domain has to update those NameServers in their domain admin panels. NameServers Propagation will start right after updating to clients domain admin panel. Propagation would take place in 24-48 hours (Estimated time).

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